Family Based Immigration and Visas


Petitions for Relatives

If you are a citizen or permanent resident you can petition for family members including spouses, parents, children and siblings.

Same-sex Marriages

Same-sex married couples can now enjoy the same immigration benefits as opposite-sex couples. This includes the ability to petition for your spouse or fiancé abroad or in the United States.

Fiance Visas

If you are engaged to a foreign national your fiancé can enter the United States for the purpose of getting married to you. Once married, your spouse can apply for his/her green card.

Adjustment of Status

If you are in the United States you may be eligible to change your status from nonimmigrant to that of a permanent resident if you have parent, spouse, child or sibling who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Consular processing

If your noncitizen family member is abroad, he or she can obtain permanent resident status from a consulate abroad.


If you are inadmissible from the United States due to a prior criminal conviction, fraud, or having unlawful presence you may be eligible for a waiver of inadmissibility.

Provisional Waivers

If you entered the U.S. illegally and currently have a U.S. citizen spouse, child, or parent, you may be eligible to get a waiver of your illegal presence so that you can obtain your permanent residency. During the waiver process you would remain in the United States. This waiver is only for a waiver of unlawful presence and not any criminal grounds of inadmissibility.

Spouse Visas

If your spouse is abroad he/she may obtain a visa to enter the United States prior to the approval of the I-130 petition.